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 While many of the principles of graphic information design are similar to graphic design, it takes on a more technical and practical approach to visual problems. Rather than looking at the concept on a billboard, a graphic information designer might analyze the proper font size to use for traffic passing the billboard at 40mph, so as to have maximum impact. It's a blend of scientific research and practical application to visual design. Edward Tufte has written many good books on the subject, and I recommend you read them all. They are elegantly written, the layout of the books are beautiful, and the principles taught have strong, illustrative examples. Aside from studying graphic designers throughout history, you'll also benefit by studying contemporary designers whom you identify with. A couple designers I found inspirational while I was in design school were David Carson and Carlos Segura. Both of these designers utilize typography in intuitive, innovative, and illustrative fashions. They helped encouraged me to get expressive with my use of type, spacing, and texture. While the approach they practice in design isn't appropriate for every project, it certainly helped develop my graphic range and ability to think illustratively through graphic design. The career objectives of the graphic designer run the gamut from visionary to business savvy.

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The copywriter is the one responsible for the textual and script content, the art director is for the visual aspects. But the A. D. may or can come up with the headline or other copy of the output, and the copywriter can or may suggest a visual or the aesthetic or desired approach on his touch. Each person usually may welcomes suggestions and other constructive criticism from the others. Ideally these words and visual should not or may not parrot each other; each should and can enhance or enlarge the other's meaning and aspect and its main effect.